Saturday, June 15, 2013

Running on Empty!

This week I have been the most tired I have probably been in my entire life! We did quite a bit of traveling this week. We went in to Regina to go to the temple as a zone and to have a zone meeting. So what happened was this: we drove in Tuesday evening to Regina (about a 2 1/2 hour drive). We woke up at 4 Wednesday morning and went to the 6 am temple session. We had a 3 hour meeting. Then we drove back. That was most likely the worst drive I have ever done in my life! Driving by braille is not fun!
The rest of the week was pretty interesting because we were so tired. But it was a good one none the less. On Tuesday, we went to stop by a former investigator, and well, a pretty common occurrence, the guy had moved. But we talked with the young guy who answered the door, and we set an appointment to come teach him on Thursday. It was a really great lesson. Hayden is just searching for a relationship with God. He was so excited to learn how to pray. It was so great...even though we were sleep teaching. Unfortunately he has a bit of opposition in his family. Hopefully he can come out on top.
I made chocolate chip cookies last Monday, and we gave them to a few people. We gave them to our investigator, Betty, and she really liked it. Then we gave them to a family in the branch to thank them for inviting a nonmember into their home to be taught. They have 3 little girls, and they were just going nuts when they saw the cookies. It was so funny Sister Steed just looked at them and said, "it's okay to get excited, but don't get crazy." I think that's some good advice for 3 other little girls I know :)
This weekend was pretty good. We ate supper at the branch president's home again. It was so good. The Palmer's are just so funny. Elder Shepherd and I have ties that look like Slytherin and Griffindor colors. Clearly I'm Malfoy, but we didn't know who Elder Shepherd was. Apparently they watched Harry Potter, and they say he's Sheamus (no idea how to spell that). It's so funny. We're recruiting members to be on our teams. One of the Palmer boys, Diego, is on Griffindor, and he wore his Griffindor tie to church. It was so funny. We wore our ties to a branch breakfast on Saturday. So funny.
Other than that it's been a pretty slow week. Investigators have been sick/busy. But this week should be great! Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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