Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/24/12 That was fast!!

Just so you don't worry about it, I sent Dad all the details about skype and what not. It should work out.
This week went by extremely fast! I can't believe that it's already Christmas tomorrow! Super weird. This week was pretty difficult to set up times to meet with people because the holidays were quickly approaching. But we did manage to meet with the old couple we tracted into this summer. They were doing well, but super busy. We taught the Restoration. It was a good lesson, but they were a little overwhelmed. We might be able to meet with them again in January, but they might be busy.
We were also able to meet with Ashley and Peter again. But I was exhausted because we went and helped Bro Regnier out in Radville again that same day. And I also have a cold, but it was still a pretty good lesson. We mostly just talked about the purpose of scripture study and prayer. It was good.
It was a slow week as far as lessons go. But we were able to contact a ton of missing investigators because they were actually home. That was a plus side of the holidays. Another plus is that in general everyone that we talked to was nicer, but for the most part, the answer we got from everyone was to try back in the new year. So not very productive.
Yesterday, we went out carolling with the Regnier's. It was really fun. We started out at the old folks' home because Sister Regnier's mom lives there. It was pretty funny, there was this group of people playing cards, and when we walked by, I asked how this old lady was doing. She looked at me and smiled and said, "I'm doing good, but this getting old business is no fun.... Don't do it!" Pretty funny old lady. We sang to some investigators and members in town. It was pretty good.
So...I don't want to say this is pointless, but we will be talking tomorrow. So that's about all I've got. Love ya! Merry Christmas!
Elder C. Lyons
PS. Before I forget, I actually thought of something you could send with Bart. I have like a BYU Men's chorus CD in my old room. That would be neat. Anyways, that is all.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Zone Conference

All of us in the apartment for Zone Conference

My Awesome Magnetic Birthday Stickers

So I've been terrible at sending pics, sorry Mom, so I made sure I sent some of zone conference and stuff.
This week was very busy. We've been running all over the place. We were leaving for Regina Thursday morning, so most of our appointments were early in the week. So the first half of the week was pretty full. We met with someone we found last week again. Her name is Ashley. Can't remember if I wrote about her. Anyways, we now have another family to teach because her fiancee (however you say that) has now joined into the teaching. Pretty interesting because they basically have zero religious background, so we have nothing to build off of. But it's a working progress. Ashley has been keeping commitments, so it will keep moving along as long as she does keep commitments.
Zone conference was really good. We had just a short bit of instruction, then it was all Christmas stuff. The instruction was interesting, though. Pres Thomas wants us to do more effective finding activities than tracting. He said that he almost wants to ban it completely. Pretty crazy. Tracting takes up quite a large chunk of my time, so I'd be a little lost at first if we banned it. But the Christmas stuff was really fun. We did a program for the senior couples and Pres Thomas. Sis Thomas led us in some Christmas songs, and we all read scriptures. It was ridiculous, the missionary in front of me in the choir seats was singing in his "opera voice". Nobody around him could keep composure enough to sing. It was so funny. But I'm honestly surprised Sis Thomas didn't smack him or something. She went for the "ignore it and it will go away" approach. Not effective. It was pretty great. Elder Perkins.... What a goof.
Thanks for the letters and stuff. It was really great. After we got the letters and ate lunch, we had a white elephant thing. I opened up my present and saw what I thought was cookie sheets. I opened the box, and there was chocolate. There was also a bunch of random things. I don't even know. Then I saw this letter addressed to Jared. That didn't seem right. I was like, "who's Jared?" Elder Perkins was all, "a guy that ate Subway and lost a bunch of weight." Turns out it was a package for one of the missionaries in my district. He thought it was just cookie sheets, so he wrapped it and brought it along. Apparently his mom had sent it from home. He let me keep all the stuff in it, besides the letter. And I got to open another gift. Works out for me. I got a whoopee cushion.
Elder Lyons in front of temple in Regina
So, when I was opening my b-day package, Sis Thomas was standing right there. Ha ha, I saw what I thought was toy story stickers. I pulled them out to look at them, when the pack of some more stickers caught my eye: Tangled? So I pulled them out and read the note. Ha ha...Sis Thomas was standing right there....oh, priceless.
The best part of zone conference was when we got to go to the temple as a zone. It was so good! I loved it. I sent some pictures of the temple. It's really pretty in the snow.
So...yeah. Still recovering from the travel and such, but it was a really neat experience. This week will probably zoom right by. We've got appointments set up for most of the week. Should be a great week. Thanks again for everything. Have a great week! I sure love ya!   Elder Lyons

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So turns out the reason I've been feeling sick is because I can't drink the tap water. We were at Hedley and Brandy's, and I mentioned that I had been sick with the flu. Brandy said to stop drinking the water because she heard that at our trailer park they put something in the water. She couldn't remember what it was called. She tried pretty hard to remember, but finally she gave up and said, "whatever it is it gives you the poops!" So I smiled and said, "fiber?" Hedley smiled and said, "that's it." It was pretty funny. But as soon as I stopped drinking the water, I felt tons better! Pretty stupid because I've been sick for a while. But it's not just our water, it's the water everywhere. I got a drink from the drinking fountain at church yesterday, and I started to get a stomachache. (ha ha..sto ma cha che..Dad will get that). But at least I feel better!
This week was a little disappointing. We worked really hard, but still none of our investigators were at church. We had quite a few who were committed to come as well. That's what made it sad. Something always comes up. For Hedley and Brandy, it was Sam getting the flu...again. That poor girl has been sick so much. Maybe she should change to bottled water! Anyways, I don't know what happened with everyone else. It's pretty frustrating. But it's OK, I know what I can do better, so it will all come together soon.
Pres Walton came from Regina this week to work with us in Weyburn. It was fun. He has skyped in a few times for our companion study. Which is pretty weird to do by the way. But he came to fix the computer in the clerk's office, so it could handle the technology or whatever. He did his computer nerd voo doo. Then, he spent the rest of the day with us. We had a couple of lessons and a meal appointment. It was solid. We had a pretty great lesson with Lorie and Shane. Chase was fairly calm, and Mackenzie joined in as well. We taught about obedience and the blessings of being obedient. It was good.
On Saturday, we went out to Francis to eat at the Lim's. Their a Korean family in the branch. The Kim's were also there. Sis Kim served a mission, and several of her companions were from Idaho and Utah. She was very excited when she learned that I was from Idaho. The food was so good! Sis Lim made so much. Plus they are just a funny family. Sis Kim asked us if we liked to hunt. We said that we didn't hunt back home at all. Bro Kim said that we would get into hunting when we got home...girls! His accent just made it. It was hilarious!
We found some new investigators this week. It's nice because we have gone a long time without finding anyone at all. Hopefully, we can help these new investigators progress and keep commitments.
This week we have zone conference on Thursday in Regina. And we also get to go to the temple as a zone on Thursday night. Friday we have a turkey lunch and a gift exchange. Wednesday we are going to help Bro Regnier in Radville basically I'm going to be exhausted this week. We have about a million lessons set up for tomorrow because we are busy for the rest of the week. It's going to be nuts. For zone conference, we're supposed to fit 6 elders in the wascana apartment! That place is tiny! But I get to see my last companion, so it will be fun. Say goodbye to a good night's sleep, though!
All that I have left to say is that it's been freezing this week! Canada is insane!
Well, I sure love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons
PS. Mom, if I don't get my packages on Thursday, I won't stop you from kicking some butts! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Transfers!! Not.

I actually had forgotten that we received transfer calls this week...ha ha, it's been a long weekend. But we actually were notified about transfers through email this week because there are no changes throughout the entire mission. Pres. Thomas wanted to explain the reasoning and all of that stuff. So I will be staying in Weyburn with Elder French for at least 1 more transfer. Which will make it a total of 6 months that I will be in Weyburn! The branch was excited that we were staying. When we told our branch mission leader he said, "the 2 of you are staying here for the rest of your lives!" I thought that was pretty funny. We have stayed here longer than any missionaries have for a long time. Weyburn was actually closed for a while, so that explains it a little. The Regnier's made sure that they booked us for Christmas, so it looks like we've already got plans. Should be a lot of fun!
This week was a little bit slow because we did spend about a day and a half out of our area. It was good to have district meeting in Moose Jaw and not over the phone, but I do like having plenty of time in our area. I get sick of traveling. It's so hard for me to stay awake when we're driving. Traveling just knocks me out. I even drank a Pepsi in the morning before we left, and it was still a struggle. Oh well, no traveling this week, so that's a plus.
This week we had the most solid commitment we've ever had from a less active member named Dave. He told us that he misses church and that he would be at church. It was heartbreaking not to see him there. It's really sad to see people who know the truth, who know what's right, but then, they don't do it! Just do it! Oh well, that's life. Just have to make sure I'm committed, so no one's upset with me.
We've had a few good lessons with Hedley and Brandy this week. They are still a bit overwhelmed with the whole concept of the Plan of Salvation. But we are inching our way through their questions. Pres. and Sis Tiefenbach have been excellent fellowship at lessons. They've really helped to answer questions, and their testimonies are very powerful. The members here in general are just fantastic people!
We had our Branch Christmas Party this Saturday as well. It was crazy we still had it. The roads were just skating rinks. Kids were literally playing hockey on the ice! A member showed us a picture of it near her house. It was a blessing that all those who had to travel were safe. But we had a really good supper, and some great activities. 2 of our investigating families came: Hedley and Brandy and their kids and Lorie and Shane and their kids. It was a lot of fun. They had a good time. The branch really welcomes all who come. It's good to see. However, despite the great time they had, they were not at church. Hedley and Brandy had a sick kid, so I saw that coming. But I'm not sure exactly what happened with Lorie and Shane.
We spent a good chunk of our time this week trying to find some of the inactive members in our branch. We've contacted some, but most are still hiding. Because the branch is so spread out, it's difficult to keep in contact with everyone, so some people fall in the cracks. We're going to keep trying though. You can't hide forever!
The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was really good last night. I enjoy hearing the first presidency speak. They always just tell it how it is. They really kick off the Christmas season well.
I'm afraid that's about all I've got. I've been off and on sick this last week, so I've been very out of it. Hopefully one of these days I'll kick whatever it is I've got! I love all of you! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Lyons