Monday, December 3, 2012

Transfers!! Not.

I actually had forgotten that we received transfer calls this week...ha ha, it's been a long weekend. But we actually were notified about transfers through email this week because there are no changes throughout the entire mission. Pres. Thomas wanted to explain the reasoning and all of that stuff. So I will be staying in Weyburn with Elder French for at least 1 more transfer. Which will make it a total of 6 months that I will be in Weyburn! The branch was excited that we were staying. When we told our branch mission leader he said, "the 2 of you are staying here for the rest of your lives!" I thought that was pretty funny. We have stayed here longer than any missionaries have for a long time. Weyburn was actually closed for a while, so that explains it a little. The Regnier's made sure that they booked us for Christmas, so it looks like we've already got plans. Should be a lot of fun!
This week was a little bit slow because we did spend about a day and a half out of our area. It was good to have district meeting in Moose Jaw and not over the phone, but I do like having plenty of time in our area. I get sick of traveling. It's so hard for me to stay awake when we're driving. Traveling just knocks me out. I even drank a Pepsi in the morning before we left, and it was still a struggle. Oh well, no traveling this week, so that's a plus.
This week we had the most solid commitment we've ever had from a less active member named Dave. He told us that he misses church and that he would be at church. It was heartbreaking not to see him there. It's really sad to see people who know the truth, who know what's right, but then, they don't do it! Just do it! Oh well, that's life. Just have to make sure I'm committed, so no one's upset with me.
We've had a few good lessons with Hedley and Brandy this week. They are still a bit overwhelmed with the whole concept of the Plan of Salvation. But we are inching our way through their questions. Pres. and Sis Tiefenbach have been excellent fellowship at lessons. They've really helped to answer questions, and their testimonies are very powerful. The members here in general are just fantastic people!
We had our Branch Christmas Party this Saturday as well. It was crazy we still had it. The roads were just skating rinks. Kids were literally playing hockey on the ice! A member showed us a picture of it near her house. It was a blessing that all those who had to travel were safe. But we had a really good supper, and some great activities. 2 of our investigating families came: Hedley and Brandy and their kids and Lorie and Shane and their kids. It was a lot of fun. They had a good time. The branch really welcomes all who come. It's good to see. However, despite the great time they had, they were not at church. Hedley and Brandy had a sick kid, so I saw that coming. But I'm not sure exactly what happened with Lorie and Shane.
We spent a good chunk of our time this week trying to find some of the inactive members in our branch. We've contacted some, but most are still hiding. Because the branch is so spread out, it's difficult to keep in contact with everyone, so some people fall in the cracks. We're going to keep trying though. You can't hide forever!
The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was really good last night. I enjoy hearing the first presidency speak. They always just tell it how it is. They really kick off the Christmas season well.
I'm afraid that's about all I've got. I've been off and on sick this last week, so I've been very out of it. Hopefully one of these days I'll kick whatever it is I've got! I love all of you! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Lyons

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