Monday, December 17, 2012

Zone Conference

All of us in the apartment for Zone Conference

My Awesome Magnetic Birthday Stickers

So I've been terrible at sending pics, sorry Mom, so I made sure I sent some of zone conference and stuff.
This week was very busy. We've been running all over the place. We were leaving for Regina Thursday morning, so most of our appointments were early in the week. So the first half of the week was pretty full. We met with someone we found last week again. Her name is Ashley. Can't remember if I wrote about her. Anyways, we now have another family to teach because her fiancee (however you say that) has now joined into the teaching. Pretty interesting because they basically have zero religious background, so we have nothing to build off of. But it's a working progress. Ashley has been keeping commitments, so it will keep moving along as long as she does keep commitments.
Zone conference was really good. We had just a short bit of instruction, then it was all Christmas stuff. The instruction was interesting, though. Pres Thomas wants us to do more effective finding activities than tracting. He said that he almost wants to ban it completely. Pretty crazy. Tracting takes up quite a large chunk of my time, so I'd be a little lost at first if we banned it. But the Christmas stuff was really fun. We did a program for the senior couples and Pres Thomas. Sis Thomas led us in some Christmas songs, and we all read scriptures. It was ridiculous, the missionary in front of me in the choir seats was singing in his "opera voice". Nobody around him could keep composure enough to sing. It was so funny. But I'm honestly surprised Sis Thomas didn't smack him or something. She went for the "ignore it and it will go away" approach. Not effective. It was pretty great. Elder Perkins.... What a goof.
Thanks for the letters and stuff. It was really great. After we got the letters and ate lunch, we had a white elephant thing. I opened up my present and saw what I thought was cookie sheets. I opened the box, and there was chocolate. There was also a bunch of random things. I don't even know. Then I saw this letter addressed to Jared. That didn't seem right. I was like, "who's Jared?" Elder Perkins was all, "a guy that ate Subway and lost a bunch of weight." Turns out it was a package for one of the missionaries in my district. He thought it was just cookie sheets, so he wrapped it and brought it along. Apparently his mom had sent it from home. He let me keep all the stuff in it, besides the letter. And I got to open another gift. Works out for me. I got a whoopee cushion.
Elder Lyons in front of temple in Regina
So, when I was opening my b-day package, Sis Thomas was standing right there. Ha ha, I saw what I thought was toy story stickers. I pulled them out to look at them, when the pack of some more stickers caught my eye: Tangled? So I pulled them out and read the note. Ha ha...Sis Thomas was standing right there....oh, priceless.
The best part of zone conference was when we got to go to the temple as a zone. It was so good! I loved it. I sent some pictures of the temple. It's really pretty in the snow.
So...yeah. Still recovering from the travel and such, but it was a really neat experience. This week will probably zoom right by. We've got appointments set up for most of the week. Should be a great week. Thanks again for everything. Have a great week! I sure love ya!   Elder Lyons

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