Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So turns out the reason I've been feeling sick is because I can't drink the tap water. We were at Hedley and Brandy's, and I mentioned that I had been sick with the flu. Brandy said to stop drinking the water because she heard that at our trailer park they put something in the water. She couldn't remember what it was called. She tried pretty hard to remember, but finally she gave up and said, "whatever it is it gives you the poops!" So I smiled and said, "fiber?" Hedley smiled and said, "that's it." It was pretty funny. But as soon as I stopped drinking the water, I felt tons better! Pretty stupid because I've been sick for a while. But it's not just our water, it's the water everywhere. I got a drink from the drinking fountain at church yesterday, and I started to get a stomachache. (ha ha..sto ma cha che..Dad will get that). But at least I feel better!
This week was a little disappointing. We worked really hard, but still none of our investigators were at church. We had quite a few who were committed to come as well. That's what made it sad. Something always comes up. For Hedley and Brandy, it was Sam getting the flu...again. That poor girl has been sick so much. Maybe she should change to bottled water! Anyways, I don't know what happened with everyone else. It's pretty frustrating. But it's OK, I know what I can do better, so it will all come together soon.
Pres Walton came from Regina this week to work with us in Weyburn. It was fun. He has skyped in a few times for our companion study. Which is pretty weird to do by the way. But he came to fix the computer in the clerk's office, so it could handle the technology or whatever. He did his computer nerd voo doo. Then, he spent the rest of the day with us. We had a couple of lessons and a meal appointment. It was solid. We had a pretty great lesson with Lorie and Shane. Chase was fairly calm, and Mackenzie joined in as well. We taught about obedience and the blessings of being obedient. It was good.
On Saturday, we went out to Francis to eat at the Lim's. Their a Korean family in the branch. The Kim's were also there. Sis Kim served a mission, and several of her companions were from Idaho and Utah. She was very excited when she learned that I was from Idaho. The food was so good! Sis Lim made so much. Plus they are just a funny family. Sis Kim asked us if we liked to hunt. We said that we didn't hunt back home at all. Bro Kim said that we would get into hunting when we got home...girls! His accent just made it. It was hilarious!
We found some new investigators this week. It's nice because we have gone a long time without finding anyone at all. Hopefully, we can help these new investigators progress and keep commitments.
This week we have zone conference on Thursday in Regina. And we also get to go to the temple as a zone on Thursday night. Friday we have a turkey lunch and a gift exchange. Wednesday we are going to help Bro Regnier in Radville basically I'm going to be exhausted this week. We have about a million lessons set up for tomorrow because we are busy for the rest of the week. It's going to be nuts. For zone conference, we're supposed to fit 6 elders in the wascana apartment! That place is tiny! But I get to see my last companion, so it will be fun. Say goodbye to a good night's sleep, though!
All that I have left to say is that it's been freezing this week! Canada is insane!
Well, I sure love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons
PS. Mom, if I don't get my packages on Thursday, I won't stop you from kicking some butts! 

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