Monday, November 26, 2012

So this last week was pretty crazy. First news is that Hedley and Brandy came to church yesterday! It was so great. They enjoyed it much more this time than they did last time. So that's a plus. Last evening, we also went to continue teaching about the Plan of Salvation. We were talking about the Atonement for most of the lesson. Bro and Sis Regnier came with us, and they were very helpful during the teaching. And the best part is that Brandy prayed at the end of the lesson! It was the first time she has ever prayed with us. It was amazing!
Last night we traveled into Moose Jaw. We have spent the day here, and we will stay for district meeting tomorrow. We played a ton of sports this morning. I am so out of shape! It's pathetic. I am going to be sore.
This week we got another pretty decent snow storm. It's really a plus for missionary work cause we've had so many service opportunities. People who say no to hearing our message very often take us up on the offer to shovel their walk. When it was cold and windy, this one lady told us we had a less than desirable job at the moment (maybe with more colorful language). We offered to shovel for her, and she said that would be great. We shoveled her walk, and she gave us hot chocolate! Service is great. It really opens people up. In the same day, we shoveled an old lady's walk. She asked us how much she owed us, and we  told her nothing. She shoved money into Elder French's glove. Ha ha. He looks at me, "What was I supposed to do?!" I don't know Elder French. Classic
On Saturday, we went to Kisbey to make some visits with the elders quorum president, Bro Brown. The visits went pretty well, the member we visited didn't come to church. I'm not sure what happened there. After our visit, Sis Brown volunteered us to help Bro Brown hang some doors. I'm pretty sure the branch is determined to make a carpenter out of me. Whenever there is something that needs what seems to me to be a professional effort, they look at me, "Elder Lyons, do you want to try?" Come on, I just stand here and hold the flashlight. That's my job! But I do it anyways, and I'm learning. It all works out in the end.
We met a couple of great people this week. We met with the guy Elder Hodascek and I met last week, Ian. He was interested in learning more, but he's just super busy. Story of my life. But we also met this guy named John on Saturday night. When we first met him, he offered us a beer. Of course, we politely declined. He asked us if we thought drinking was a sin. We said yes, and he just looked at us and said, "good." John is a pretty funny guy. He's from Romania, so he has an incredible accent. We talked with him for a while on Saturday, and we met with him yesterday afternoon. He wants to lean more, but he's super busy as well. But he told us to try back. He is married with 2 very active little kids! They were very entertaining.
I'm pretty sure that's all I've got. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving this week. Go figure. Transfer calls are this Thursday or Friday. We'll see what happens.
Love you all!

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