Monday, May 27, 2013

Hard at Work!!

This week has been so tiring. We are working so hard! And it is so much fun! We have really been focusing on finding because we don't have much of a teaching pool. So we've been trying very hard to talk with EVERYONE. We really kick ourselves when someone walks by and all we say is 'hi'. As we've been doing this we've been blessed with people to teach. This week we found an older lady named Elaine. She is a former investigator who stopped meeting with missionaries because she was in the hospital. She is really funny. Our fellowship, Austin, just got home from his mission. She was teasing him about finding a wife. He told her he was still fishing, so she told him to make sure to throw back the blood suckers cause they're no good! She can't believe that there's women out there who don't sew or cook or clean. Boy will you love the relief society! She's really great. I'm looking forward to helping her resolve some of her concerns and start progressing.
We were also blessed this week to find a young man named Jessy. He's an amazing guy! He is very well versed in the bible. He's smart and he really wants to make sure that what he does is what God wants him to do. We found him by tracting. He let us in, and he shared some of the questions that he has with us. We tried to help him answer some of those questions yesterday as we met with him. Man! He just makes us think, and in turn we try to make him think. We're really excited to continue meeting with him. I hope he just continues to make an honest search!
It's been so much fun trying our very hardest to find people to teach. We've been talking with so many people, and it's been so amazing to see that we can be guided by our Heavenly Father! Teaching this week has also been tiring! We are teaching a Mennonite pastor named Brian. He asks a bunch of questions like Jessy does. We've really, really had to use our brains this week, ha ha. But it's incredible to me to see that every single time I honestly search out these questions, my testimony of the restoration is immensely strengthened. Nothing has ever made me doubt the truth of the Restoration. It is true, and I know it's true. But I'm tired from all the effort we've exerted to help others to know it's true! That's for sure, ha ha.
Our first district was a mess. About 15 minutes before we were supposed to start, I remembered that I only new how to join an online meeting. I had no idea how to start one. So long story short, we finally got help and started our meeting....30 minutes late. It was good when we started though. I've evaluated and made plans on what I can do better. But on the plus side, I learned that the district is very patient...thank goodness.
A funny thing that happened while we were tracting was these 2 kids in a wagon. The little boy saw us standing there on the sidewalk and he asked, "...hey, who are you guys...?" Then we were moving towards the next house and towards him. He then proceeded to say, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness,"  as we got closer and closer. I'm afraid we scared the poor little guy. But it was still super funny :)
There are some great families in the branch. We ate supper with a couple of them, and oh man, their kids are so cute! The Palmer kids ran up to me at church and started to talk with me. It made my day:) We even had Thai food for supper on Saturday. It was excellent. It was just a great week.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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