Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good News!!!!

This week was pretty crazy. We had a ton of meetings, and we did a junk load of traveling,too. But it was great. I got to back to Swift! It was so much fun! We went on exchanges. And it was amazing! I got to see a few of the members. It was a good time. We were walking most of the day. At one point in the evening, it just started pouring! We were drenched. As we were crossing this bridge, the missionary I was with (E. Jones) turned to me and said that it would be his dream to get picked up in some ones car, so we could teach them. No lie, seconds later, this car pulled over, and the driver told us to get in! We were both so shocked! The guy was so nice, but we only had about 30 seconds. So we hardly even recovered from the shock. It was so crazy. That evening was so good. Just miracles happenin'! It's the best.
Pretty much other than that there was a baptism this weekend. It was the sisters'. It was for these 3 kids, 2 Filipino kids and 1 other kid. Anyways, the sisters conned one of the Filipino kids named Ruby to ask Elder Wilson and I to sing at the baptism. So Ruby called and asked Elder Wilson. All he could say was, "how do you say no to a 10 year old girl?" Anyways, we were so nervous. We had only an hour to practice, and I sang alto and Elder Wilson sang melody. It was rough. Yeah...it was a good baptism, though.
This is a short email because I forgot everything when I got a phone call a few days ago: here's how it went down. The Weyburn elders called me and said that there was someone who wanted to ask me a question. Well, it was Hedley. And he asked if I could baptize him this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! I have permission from President to go. So I'll be in Weyburn this weekend. Yeah! And Elder French is coming from his home in Alberta to be there, too. I'm so excited!
So...yeah. That's all I've got. Love ya! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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