Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4/12 It's already June?

First off, how on earth is it already June? This year is flying by! I feel like this transfer just started. It sounds like you all will have a really busy summer. That's exciting that a new family moved in. I'm sure Natalie's excited, and probably Mom, too.

Well, I legitimately thought I was dying this week. I had some really bad chest pain on Monday, I thought it was just heartburn, but it just got worse and worse throughout the week until I was starting to get shooting pain from my chest to my shoulder. I was eating antacids like they were goin out of style, but it still hurt. So I called Pres Walton (1st councilor in the mission presidency) on Saturday, and he came to see what was up. Turns out I did something to my ribs, so basically, the antacids wouldn't be very helpful. And I also didn't need to be eating just plain white rice. But now I've been on ibuprofen, and I'm no longer dying. But it hurts like crazy to laugh! So it may be a boring week.

Even though I was a little out of it this week, we were able to find 2 new investigators! It's pretty great. Cole and Sean are seniors in high school, and pretty much they just want to know that God is there. It's going to be really great teaching them!

And also, Kerry's baptismal interview is this Thursday. We'll see how that goes down. I know that planning baptisms is stressful, but definitely rewarding! Speaking of baptisms, I actually found out this week that one of the investigators that I was teaching in Prince Albert got baptized on Tues! Mary Ann from the Philippines. Also, 2 other investigators told the elders in Prince Albert that they got their answer, and they got baptized on Friday! That was pretty great news. 

I really can't remember this week too much. I know we were walking a whole bunch cause we were low on k's. That's probably why I don't remember much cause all I could think was, 'ouch.' When I'm in pain that tends to dominate my thoughts.

Anyways, Cole and Sean are a neat story. We had planned to meet with Cole on Monday. We had set the appointment when we found him on Friday. We even called and confirmed. But he wasn't there on Monday. Turns out he loaned his car to his friend's dad, and he couldn't walk back to his house on time. So he rescheduled and asked if he could invite some friends, too. We thought that was OK, so Sean came along. We're really looking forward to meeting with them again.

We also have a really solid appointment with a referral tomorrow. Joy was referred to us by her brother who is a member. She's kinda having a rough time, and she's really appreciated the guidance her brother's given her. So she's agreed to meet with us. Yeah! It's pretty great! Now basically we just can't do something green and mess it up! It should be a great lesson!

I know this is pretty short, but I really can't think of anything else. I hope that everyone has a great week. I love you!

Elder C. Lyons

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