Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elder Lyons, Kerry, and Elder Call

My District!
Alright so the baptism was amazing! Kerry was in tears as she stepped in the font, and she was so happy afterwards! It was incredible! It's a really neat experience to see someone take those steps and progress in their relationship with our Heavenly Father! The service went really well. The ward did a great job accepting assignments and organizing. We still had some crazy running around setting stuff up moments, but the ward definitely did their part! It seemed much less hectic than Shicona's baptism!

Confirming someone is just as terrifying as I remembered. But I think it went better than Shicona's cause I was more prepared this time. It was kinda insane, though. Elder Call and I only got to church 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started. Yeah, I don't recommend it! To make things worse, Kerry wasn't there yet! So we were sweating, but she walked in just as bishop opened the meeting. Whew!

Oh, another neat experience. Sister Anderson in our ward gives out pass along cards to pretty much everyone. Yeah, the Anderson's are basically full-time missionaries. But anyways, she gave a card to a man at a gas station. He just says,"you gave me one already, and I can't find your church." So we talked to him. And the Anderson's brought him to church. He really liked it! Our ward really took him in.....but he lives in the Lewvan ward. However, he is from Pakistan, and a man from India who lives in the Lewvan ward is going to take him to church. So I guess it works out! AND the Anderson's invited him over for dinner!

For the baptism, we brought a bunch of ice cream sandwiches, but pretty much no one ate them. So we have 2 boxes of them. When we brought them home I said, "these will last us 2 weeks!" Elder Call just says, "or 2 days." I'm pretty sure he's already eaten about 10 of 'em, so they may not make it 2 days.

Today, a Chinese investigator from YSA played bball with us. Yeah, he crushed every single stereotype. He got passed the ball, and no one really went out of their way to guard him. Next thing we know he drives it in for a reverse layup. It was out of control! Everyone was just kinda like, "Whoa!' The man had never thrown a football in his life, within 5 minutes he could through it the length of the basketball court! It was a lot of fun!

I can't really think of much else to write. Most of this week was getting ready for the baptism. I sent a couple of pictures. Hopefully you get them. I should probably get better at sending pics. Sorry

Well, I love you all!

Elder C. Lyons

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