Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feelin' the Love!

So this week was really good and challenging at the same time. We drove up to Regina again on Tuesday morning for a zone training meeting. (It was another white knuckle drive, but that's beside the point.) We were challenged to think of a new finding idea and make plans during the meeting of when we would try it in the coming week. So we've been organizing a church tour for this Saturday. We hope to invite many of our current investigators who have not been to church, and we have also been trying to find an effective way of advertising our tour. Pretty difficult actually. But we've got some pretty solid ideas, so hopefully we'll have a decent turn out.
I've been really excited this week because we've been able to get in contact with some of our investigators that we haven't heard from for a really, really long time! We've also been working on meeting with this Filipino man named Eddie. We've stopped by and called pretty steadily for about 2 1/2 months now. We finally met with him on Saturday. It was really great! There is a bit of a language barrier, so we didn't really get to teach much. He understands English well, but new words are difficult for him. Anyways, basically he just opened up and told us why he let us in. He lives on the a few streets down from the church. Every summer he takes his son on a bike ride and rides by the church. He told us that every time that he sees the church that he feels in his heart that he wants to go. It was crazy! But he said that he is super busy. We are going to invite him to the church tour and see what happens!
We had some good lessons with Hedley and Brandy this week. Hedley is really starting to get frustrated. He wants to progress, but it's just hard for him to change. It's amazing to see how far he's come. I feel that he's so close to being ready. I can't wait to see him take those steps. It's really neat, Brandy's starting to come along, too. That family has changed so much in the time that I've been here. I'm so grateful to have been a part of it! Hedley actually said that the one day Elder French and I came to help him out on one of his construction projects has completely changed his life. I'm so glad that we followed the spirit that day! It's pretty neat, their anniversary is this week, too.
This week we were also able to figure out a service opportunity at one of the care homes in Weyburn. We had scheduled to meet with the activities director, so we walked in and everyone was directing us on where to go. It was great....cause I have a tendency to get lost sometimes. When we figured out where we were supposed to be, we asked for Patty. This other lady looks at me, "I recognize you, you've knocked on my door before." Yep, everybody recognizes me. It's pretty great. But Patty was super nice, and she seemed happy to have the help. We will begin helping out next week.
Let's see... Hedley got called to work at 1:00 AM on Sunday, so yeah, he didn't make it home until 6:00. He couldn't make it to church. You can see a bit of why he's frustrated. And Peter and Ashley ended up going to Regina earlier than we thought they would, so they missed church, too. Really sad. It's really starting to make me sad that all these great people miss out on the blessings of coming to church.
On Wednesday, we get to go to the Regina temple. And on Thursday morning we have another zone meeting with the assistants and President and Sister Thomas. It should be good driving conditions on Wednesday I've heard. But sadly, this transfer is a week shorter. I guess because missionaries only go to the MTC for 2 weeks instead of 3. So my mission is now a week shorter...yeah thanks a lot for squashing my dreams! Anyways because of all the hoopla, we will most likely be getting transfer calls on Thursday. I'm completely stressing out about it!!! I really, really, really do not want to leave Weyburn! But the odds are against me :(
But that's as much as I've got for an update. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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