Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So this week has been pretty crazy. Last Monday I got to drive into Moose Jaw, which would have been more of an enjoyable experience if I could see more than about 15 feet in front of the car. We were driving in the evening, and it was super foggy! It had also warmed up a little, so the roads were a little messy. Let's just say that it was a bit of a white knuckle drive! And I like to think that I'm a pretty laid back guy. But that's enough of that, I don't want to stress Mom out :)
We actually got to stay over an extra night in Moose Jaw because there was a pretty serious snow storm going on. Travel was not recommended on the highway back to Weyburn. We made it from Swift Current to Moose Jaw alright, but it was really bad at times. So we made an executive decision to stay in Moose Jaw. The District meeting in Swift was good, but it was a huge sacrifice of time (2 days) for a 2 hour long meeting!
Oh well, we made it back to Weyburn on Wednesday morning. Brandy was pretty worried about us, so we had to text her when we made it back safe. We taught them that evening, and it went really well. Hedley and Brandy told us more of their concerns, and we are now going to be better able to help them progress and prepare for baptism. We taught about tithing, and they like the idea and are willing to pay tithing. So that was really good.
This week was a bit rough with investigators being sick or busy, but we were able to find some new investigators. We were able to teach a single mom and her son. It was really good. We shared about the Book of Mormon and both of them committed right away to reading it. It was great! They really understand why we're there. It's should be really great teaching them. They are all about family! Their names are Melanie and Dustin.
Something interesting that also happened this week was that we were invited to have supper with an inactive family that has basically told the branch that they aren't coming back. So...yeah, I was interested to see how it would go. They allowed us to share a thought and everything. It was good. They seemed to enjoy it for the most part. They were both very friendly and everything. I was impressed. I sort of expected them to be counting the minutes until we left. But I guess I was wrong. Their daughter is active and is preparing to go on a mission, so that probably makes the difference.
I don't really have any other updates. I'm racking my brain, but it was a bit of a slower week like I said. Hopefully we don't get caught in Regina tomorrow. We have a meeting there, and we have good amount of appointments this week that I don't really want to miss! It should be good.
That's great for Natalie. I hope you had a great B-day Natter's! I love ya lots!
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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