Monday, January 28, 2013

Good ole Weyburn!

So this week has been another interesting one. We are currently continuing to brainstorm creative finding ideas. Which is actually pretty difficult when all I've been encouraged to do in the past is tract. It's just different. It seems to be working pretty well, however. Before Elder French left, I had the idea about volunteering at the Salvation Army, so last week Elder Christensen and I went to see what we could do. I had my qualms about volunteering there because, well, they are a church. But I've knocked on the pastor's door about 3 times, and he seemed like a really friendly guy. And we also went with the branch to do the food drive in October. The branch knows several of the people, and they're basically the only consistent volunteers for the drive. So I talked myself into it. And it actually went really well. When I walked in, he recognized me, and they were actually just wondering how they were going to do one of their projects before we walked in. We volunteered, and he's going to give us a call when they're ready. And the branch is willing to help out, too. So it should work out pretty well.
Let's see, we also were able to get back in contact with some of our investigators. We have about 3 families that we are now currently working with. It's so much fun to be working with families. Weyburn is definitely the most I've ever worked with families. However, this Sunday there was some freezing rain which prevented some of our investigators from coming, and others had high fevers. Yeah....sort of one of those weeks. But we just have to keep doing everything that we can.
We've set up some appointments with new investigators, so there should be some progress going on with finding. Something that we have the branch's support with is holding a Book of Mormon Study class. We feel it will really help our investigators understand the Book of Mormon and strengthen their testimonies of it. And it's an opportunity to get to know members, and even a chance for members to invite nonmember friends. Some other things that we are contemplating starting are a ping pong night and a missionary prep class. We have a ping pong table at the church, and several of the members enjoy playing. It's something fun that members can invite friends to. And with the class, I think it would help out the branch because they are unable to have young men's and young women's activities regularly, so we could help give them an activity they could do regularly. We need to discuss these ideas with the branch, but we'll see what we can do.
Another creative idea we tried was volunteering at the animal shelter. Ha ha, I'm convinced we could have sold tickets to watch us in there. We were asked to brush these cats. Ha ha, so I grabbed one out of its cage and so did Elder Christensen. His cat was hiding under the row of cages for about 30 minutes, and mine was going to town trying to bite my neck. Ha ha, I'm sure we just looked absurd because I wasn't sure if we were going to volunteer right then, so we didn't bring service clothes. Oh man, I'm sure they just thought of what would look the most ridiculous for 2 guys in shirts and ties to do. They found it! I haven't quite decided if we will go back there. Probably, but we'll just come more prepared.
Well, for an update with Hedley and Brandy, their trip to Loyd Minister sort of set them back a little. Hedley is now preparing for baptism on February 23rd. But he continues to be committed and to make great progress. They are still as funny as ever. They've started right off with teasing Elder Christensen. They've welcomed him right in. It's pretty funny. Hopefully, we'll be able to help them in any way we can to be prepared to be baptized.
Let's see, I don't really have much else, other than that it's pretty fun to be driving again. The Cruze is sort of a weird car. I'm not going to argue with it, though. It's much more manly than the Cobalt. It's pretty interesting driving in a Canada winter, but so far so safe! Thanks for all the emails. I love you all!
Elder C. Lyons
1-Sunrise in Weyburn

2-Comp chippin away at freezing rain

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