Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfers 1/14/13

So big news first, we got our transfer call on Thursday. I will be staying in Weyburn and welcoming Elder Christensen. Elder French is off to Celkirk, MB. I'm very excited to be staying in Weyburn. I will meet up with Elder Christensen most likely on Thursday. He has to come from Winnipeg. Hedley and Brandy have been gone this last week, but we will be meeting with them tonight. I'm glad that I get to stay for the baptism, but I'm also upset that Elder French doesn't get to stay for it, too. But we both expected that he was leaving. It will be pretty weird being with a new companion since we've been serving together for 6 months.
This week was a little slow. We had a zone training meeting on Tuesday that we were supposed to travel into Regina for, but the roads were bad. So we ended up just skyping in. Apparently we're supposed to be trying to get away from tracting being our primary source of finding. It's been a little difficult to do, but we're working on finding places to volunteer at and what not. We've really had to rack our brains though!
There was a couple of reasons that our week was a little slow. Because we had ZTM, we had most of our lessons scheduled for Wednesday after we would have gotten back from Regina. But I had the flu on Wednesday. It was really bad. I had to stay in the entire day, so we had to cancel and reschedule all of our lessons. I was really frustrated, but what to you do?
Snow Day!

All bundled Up!

Huge Reeses Cup! Mmm
Thursday, was a little better, but I was still pretty out of it. We did some service. We helped the Morrissette's paint. And we helped a less active member named Dave put up some drywall.
Friday was actually a snow day for us too. It really stunk because we were stuck inside basically all day. And we had just spent the day in the trailer on Wednesday! I was pretty mad. We tried to get out at one point, but there were so many drifts it was impossible. But we ended up helping another guy get out. He told us he was stuck for 3 hours. And he had a truck! Yeah, it was super windy, and it was white out conditions for most of the day.
Saturday night I got a phone call from Bart asking if I could give a talk on Sunday. He wasn't able to find another speaker to talk with Elder French. I was told when he asked Elder French that if they needed to fill time they could just call on me to bear my testimony, so needless to say I thought I had gotten off the hook. But he didn't give me a topic, so I just chose the easiest one for me: The Book of Mormon. I actually was able to take up 15 minutes. I was pretty happy of myself. And no one fell asleep either.
It was pretty neat, we went to see if Ashley and Peter were ready for church. We had planned to help push their car out. It had gotten stuck with all the snow. But it wouldn't even start. So Ashley and her 3 year old daughter walked to church! It was pretty cold out too. She's very dedicated!
I don't really have anything else. This morning we helped the Morrissette's pull out their old hardwood floor. It was pretty fun. We basically just did a bunch of service this week. Which is definitely good. Elder French is trying to get all the service in that he can, I think. But that's really all I've got for this week. I love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons
Pics 1-snow 2-half pound Reese's 3-all bundled up!

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