Monday, March 18, 2013

Hold on!

This week has gone by really quickly. We've been getting a lot more appointments set up and things to do. This week we will be really busy! It's really exciting. It's been super tough to get to this point, but I'm glad that we got here! The ward has given us a few names of less active families to work with. I love working with less active members. I think that's my favorite thing about serving a mission. I had a really neat experience as I was calling a family in a different ward to get some information on their son who lives in our ward. I guess that they have a couple of kids in our ward that are less active. As I was thanking her for the information, she said, "no thank you for helping us bring our children back to Christ." It was humbling for sure. Every once in a while I get those wake up calls. Keeps me focused. I like it :) We have plans to contact one of the families this week with our assistant ward mission leader. I'll let you know how it goes.
In addition to working with less active members, we have made a lot of progress with an investigator named Tara. She really loved the last missionaries, so it's been tough for her to adjust. But we've been working on her! She came to a baptism on Saturday, and now we will be working on setting a date for her own baptism. She also had a pretty crumby day on Thursday or something like that. So we brought her jello ( she really loves it. I told her she should move to Utah). Yep...I used my baking skills. They worked. She likes us now :) Well, it wasn't just the jello, but still.
Let's see....what else happened....we've been trying to contact all of the former investigators. Especially those who stopped investigating because they were busy. And they are truthfully busy. But we got in contact with one more of them. He's the last one that we will try, and he's still interested. So that's pretty great! We also ate at a family from Guatemala's house. It was super good. They are a funny family. I was laughing the entire time. Picture a Hispanic Cox family. That's basically them. It was like walking into a real life Nacho!
We also got to serve at a homeless shelter with the ward this week. It was the same place we were at last week, but we didn't different stuff. It was really good. We got to know some more of the ward. And it's a really great place to serve. I guess one of the ward members overheard some of the volunteers talking about Elder Burnett and I. I guess they like us. Woo! Probably cause we're clueless. It was basically like the first day of school. I was pretty confused. But apparently good things happen when I'm confused.
English class this week was really neat. We had 3 new students show up! One of them didn't speak a lick of English. It was out of control! I wasn't teaching him though. He was an older Chinese gentleman. I was teaching a man from Korea, a few ladies from India, and one lady from Sri Lanka.'s really diverse here. Oh yeah, and there was a member of our ward there to. He's Filipino. If you want names here they are: jimbau, bhupinder, kulwinder, komodu, and Bro Aquino. Now you know why names are tough for me, ha ha. It was a super neat class.
Sunday was good. Tara was at church. So was James. He's the recent convert we've been meeting with. There's really some great members in the ward. Pretty solid week. This week should be good too. Have a great week. Love ya!
Last night in Weyburn!  Boo Hoo

Downtown Winnipeg
Elder C. Lyons

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