Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This week was another tough week. We've just got our work cut out for us. And of course a healthy amount of the pressure's on me, so I've just had to learn to deal with it.....story of my life, ha ha. But this week has been a pretty good one. I've sorta been turned into a freak so far on my mission. I have a new pet peeve: I hate walking into a room and not knowing everyone. It's the worst. Mostly applying to like church and missionary meetings. But it really bothers me not knowing everyone in the ward. After 7 1/2 months in Weyburn....yeah I knew every one's pets' names! So the biggest stress for me has been getting to know everyone. But it really seems that the ward is warming up to us. We have quite a few meal appointments, and we've been able to talk with several members at church. So...we're getting there :)
One of the most exciting things that happened this week was that we were able to teach a new investigator! His name is Jeremiah, and he is from Africa. It was very reassuring for me because we really need to build our teaching pool. It definitely gave me some hope. Jeremiah asked a ton of great questions, and he's very interested in learning more and being committed. It was very exciting. Only thing is that he lives in downtown which is very far from the church....and he doesn't have a car. Very small issue in the long run.
I was a little sick this week....only for one day. But it was bad enough that I had to fold and buy some baby wipes. That probably gives you more of an illustration than you wanted :) But that put a damper on things a little bit. I had a new experience this week that was pretty interesting. We were able to go to ARP with an investigator. It was humbling to see all these people who sincerely wanted to change, and some who had really hit rock bottom. Definitely made me appreciate the hand that I've been dealt.
I went on exchanges this week with an elder I served around in Saskatchewan. That was really fun. It was good to be with people I knew! We had a few good experiences finding service opportunities and what not. We volunteered at a community center, and I had to lift this box with hockey junk in it way over my head to put it on a shelf all while I'm standing on a ladder. Pretty great...I've changed a lot, but I still sorta have noodle arms. But I did it!
It's been really something to see Elder Burnett gaining his confidence in teaching. Hopefully as we continue to work, he'll get even stronger. I know it was tough for me to be trained, so I hope that he finishes training with a healthy dose of confidence. I don't have much else to share today. Hopefully we can keep getting to know the ward, so we can serve them the best that we can. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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