Monday, March 4, 2013

So this week has still been a little confusing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a thousand tickets. It's ridiculous driving here! Thanks for taking me from a town of 10k and putting me into a city of 750K+....thanks! Yeah, I'm starting to learn my way around.
This week we've started to see are hard work start to pay off. One of our investigators named Tara was really torn up that the other missionaries left. But she's been warming up to us lately. We were even able to have a lesson with her last night. It was incredible because...well let's just say that the lessons we had this week were the hardest to set up of my entire mission! I've had to work my tail off! But we were also able to meet with a recent convert named James. Another recent convert also joined in for the lesson, and her name is Penny. So we're starting to be able to meet with investigators, but we still haven't found anyone new. It feels like these are all new investigators, though. We were able to get a hold of some former investigators and set up lessons. And we had a lesson with some other Chinese investigators: Shengtou and Amy. That was a pretty good lesson. We just taught simply about Jesus Christ. Elder Burnett is still terrified, but he's steadily coming along.
This week we've also been able to get in contact with some of the members. We're slowly beginning to get to know everyone. There's some really great families in this ward. We sat behind one at church. The little girls kept making faces at me. They were adorable. When they first sat down, sis smith turned to her mom (the grandma) and said, "it was really terrible of you to make cookies right before fast Sunday!" So that's how we met them. That was a funny conversation. It's still a bit overwhelming, but it's starting to come around. I still really hate driving here though. It's pretty much the worst. As far as I know that's all that I've got. We got to teach English class again. That was fun. My student even started teasing me. It was some good comic relief. Well, I sure love ya! Have a fantastic week!
Elder C. Lyons

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