Monday, July 1, 2013


I'm very tired. This transfer traveling has been insane. We didn't leave Regina until pretty late on Thursday, so we didn't get to stoon until about 11....yeah this weekend has been rough. But I got to see a bunch of my missionary friends, so it was good.

It was weird saying goodbye to everyone in Swift so soon. It was actually pretty much the worst. I think I wrote how some of the Palmer kids said goodbye to me at church. I about cried! You're not makin' this easy kids! But it was good. We had a bunch of last meals with members, so they sent us off full.

We've mostly been trying to settle in a little bit, and we've been trying to get everything organized. This weekend has been a little rough because I've been half asleep. But we've hopefully finished all the running around so we can go ahead and settle down. That's the thing that I don't like about leadership. I just want to be a regular missionary and do work! But there's other things in store for The ward seems pretty great. A lot of people are gone for the holiday weekend. But hopefully I'll get to know everyone soon. 

I'm afraid I don't really have anything interesting to report. Besides that I love Elder Kuhre, and I can't wait to get to work and find some people to baptize. It should be a good transfer. Love ya all! Have a great week!

Elder C. Lyons

PS. I'll be sending my SD card home with all the pics at swift. I have a bunch to send. Love ya! 

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