Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Breakfast!!

This week was pretty crazy. We had some good lessons with Charlie this week. He is still learning and progressing very well, and he was at church yesterday. He loves church! The ward is really good at making everyone feel welcome at church. So he's had some really positive experiences. We also had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Bodie. I can't remember if I told you about Bodie.. so If I have you can tune this next part out. Bodie is a student at the U of R. He is currently majoring in Religious Studies. He is a very smart, young guy. He's very open minded. He loves the Book of Mormon, and he's just making sure that he's ready to make the commitment to be baptized. He's a great guy, and I can see him being a kingdom builder for sure!
We had some really different experiences this week. I'll start with Thursday. On Thursday morning, we went out to the car, and well, there was a huge hole in the window on the back door. All the glass was completely shattered and just about broken in to the back seat. Nothing was stolen. Someone just wanted to be dumb and break a window. Ha ha, one of the best parts was when I called to file a police report. The lady asked me what my date of birth was, then she said, "oh, happy early birthday." Yep, happy birthday and have fun driving in the snow! It has been pretty interesting not having a back window and driving in a Canadian winter. Luckily it's been pretty mild lately.
My birthday was super good. The Hamon's invited us over for birthday breakfast. It was amazing! Personally, my favorite part was when Sister Hamon brought out the cake and everyone was singing happy birthday, including Kasper ( who is almost 3). And then, this is the best part, Kasper and his sister Elsa helped me blow out the candles, ha ha. Turns out I actually needed the help. I don't know if you knew this, but I'm awful at blowing out candles. It was kind of embarrassing actually. I'm pretty sure little Elsa blew out more that I did. And she's not even 2! It was an excellent banana cake. Totally made my eternity! I was super happy. So don't worry, I was beyond taken care of!
That's about all I can remember. Like I said it was a bit of an insane week again. But I sure love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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