Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grey Cup!!

This week was another crazy, eventful one. Monday we took the car in to get the window fixed, and then Tuesday morning we were on the road again. We made it out to Yorkton and spent all day there. It was a good exchange with the elders there. I learned a lot. Especially about finding. It was a good experience. Hopefully we were able to help them out a bit. We were really focused on helping them work in unity as a companionship. Yorkton's a great place. There's a lot going on out there.
We had a few good lessons with Charlie this week. He's moving right along. He just struggles because he lives alone, so he's just a lonely man. But he's starting to cheer up a bit. So that's been good to see. We also had an excellent lesson with Jack. We made strides in helping him understand the gospel! We asked him at one point what he understood baptism to mean, and he told us that he thought it was something that would "purify" his heart. It was amazing! He's really starting to understand a ton more.
We stopped by this man named Stan that we helped with some yard work about a month ago. When we stopped by his two roommates, Troy and Carla, were there as well. And, man, they are prepared. As a result of the service that we did, they are so kind and open towards us! They told us we were welcome back any time. Troy even made us chili! They have all had super rough lives and are receptive to learning more about the restored gospel. It's going to be great teaching them! And that chili was incredible!
So this week was the Grey Cup. It is the CFL equivalent to the Super Bowl. And...it was here in Regina last night. And the Saskatchewan Roughriders won. So the town was nuts! There were cops and...yeah, we live in downtown where all the hotels and what not are. So it was just crazy all weekend. We could hear the noise from the stadium 20 blocks away! Yeah, so it was a noisy night last night.
So that's the crazy week. It was another blur, so I'm afraid I don't have too many details. Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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