Monday, November 11, 2013

Take a Deep Breath!

This week was pretty much insane! Tons of stuff happened, so it sorta feels like it was a month. We had tons of meetings and planning to do, but we survived. I feel for  Elder Beacham because he literally had all of the responsibilities of being zone leader thrown on him in one week. But he did so good! It was great to be a part of it! So first on the list was MLC. President and Sister Thomas came to Regina, and we broadcast the meeting from here. It was great to see President and Sister Thomas. They are some of the best people I have ever met! The meeting was a bit overwhelming. There was a ton of instruction and information to pass on to our zone! And the fun part was that we had to have it all organized and planned by the next day...Yep. We had MLC Tuesday, and we had ZTM on Wednesday. Usually we have a few days to prepare and get everything figured out. It was nuts. But it was a great meeting. It was so much fun. We actually invited members to help us practice our teaching. They were excellent! They helped us out so much! Their evaluation was spot on with the instruction President Thomas wanted us to pass on. It was a very instructive and spiritual meeting if I do say so myself!
So that's how the first week of this transfer began! It was even a little overwhelming for me! But I loved it. One of the highlights of the week is that we got to go to the Hawke's for supper. I had never been to their home for supper, so it was an excellent opportunity. Their family is so good! They have a son named Jude and a daughter named Sadie. They are both under the age of 5, so it is so much fun to be around them! It was great to be in there home.
In other news, we had a man named Ravi come to church for the last couple of weeks. He was a turnover from the other elders. He is a champ. He's from India, and he's in the masters program for computer science at the U of R. One day we called him, and he said that he was too busy to meet. So Elder Wilson invited him to church (this was before he left). Ever since, Ravi has been coming to church. We gave him a tour of the church before sacrament meeting started yesterday, and we just talked about Jesus Christ. It really seemed to peak his interest, and now he's making time to meet with us! Before he left, he told me that he would be at church every Sunday. It caught me a little off guard, but I'm am super impressed with his commitment. It's really incredible. Hopefully he continues to learn and progress.
We had a pretty good week for teaching, but this week will be tons better because we won't have any crazy meetings to plan for. Elder Beacham and I have been teaching pretty well together. So I'm sure that with more experience that we will see a lot of success.
Well...that's all I got. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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