Monday, May 7, 2012


Well, first off, I will be transferring to Regina! I've only been
there twice. Once on the way to PA, and the second time was for zone
conference. It seems like a great place, though. I will be serving
with Elder Call who has only been out 1 transfer more than me....yeah.
So when President called us about transfers he said,"now I know you're
both young, but you'll just have to show us how it's done, alright?"
Okay, President, if you say so. Elder Call and I will be co-senior
companions, yeah! The clueless leading the clueless. No, I'm sure
Elder Call knows what he's doing. Anyways, the best part is that I'll
be by the temple! And there will actually be other missionaries close
by, so I can go to p-day activities! Don't get me wrong, PA's great!
But being outlying also has it's downsides. Mostly, I'm just super
excited to go to the temple!

Mom, you're talk sounds incredible! I can see why President Cambell
chose you! Way to go!

Wow! I can't believe it's already May! Weird! Well, we haven't been
able to do very much cause Elder Zohner's been sick. Let's just say I
got some good reading in this week. I wish we would have gotten the
new Ensign, that would've been nice.

I've said some goodbye's. I had one last meal appointment at the
Wright's and the McCallum's. The Wright's just sent their son to the
MTC. They're a riot! They have little chickens, and we got to see
them. One of the Wright girls, her name is Andie, she kinda reminds me
of Rachel, anyways, she asked what chickens they were going to eat.
Bro Wright without a second of thought answered, "the fat ones of
course!" It was hilarious! We ate a buch of bannock (fry bread) at the
McCallum's. It was great. I'm going to miss natives. :( By the way the
McCallum's came to church! That was exciting! They hadn't been in
forever. It was great to see them! I guess their family had been
praying to see if God really wanted them to go to church. Then we
called to see if they needed a ride to church. Pretty neat!

I can't wait to talk to all of you on Mother's Day! I love you so
much, and I hope you have a great week. I have no idea when I'll be
calling, but we're in the same time zone, that's nice. I'll let you
know what my new address is when I find out. Have a great week.

Elder C. Lyons

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