Monday, April 30, 2012

Whoa! 4/30/12!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!...on Friday. You're going to be a
teenager. Gross! Don't worry, I'm a teenager, too.

I think it's great that Ryan's going to Africa. I'm still kinda geekin
out about it. Ryan, you should look up 'Israel, Israel God is Calling'
by Alex Boye. It will probably be your African theme song!

This transfer has completely flown by! I don't even know where the
time has gone. Oh, before I forget, I got your letter today, Mom.
Thanks! I love the picture, too. You guys are "goofy". Ha ha, get it?
Anyways...what was I talking about. Oh yeah, I can't believe I already
get to talk to you guys in a couple of weeks. So far I have no idea
what the plans are for the call. I have to say, I am terrified to end
training. Mostly cause it's one step closer to training someone else.

Let's see...what on earth happened this week? I've sorta been sick. I
have one of those zap your energy colds, so that's been no fun. Oh, we
taught Mary Ann again. We gave her a Tagalog Book of Mormon. Sometimes
she doesn't completely understand English, but she understands the
Spirit! She accepted the invitation to get baptized! Woo hoo! Now she
just needs to get off work, so she can come to church. She is a
fantastic lady!

What else...I got to listen to the area authority of central Canada.
That was interesting. One day, we get a call from the zone leaders,
"hey Elder Terrence C. Smith wants to meet with you and the Saskatoon
missionaries." So our first thoughts were, 'look I'm workin as hard as
I can. I don't really want to get slammed right now!' But the first
words out of Elder Smith's mouth were, "I'm not here to critique you."
Whoo hoo, I don't have to feel like a pile! Well, it was a great
meeting. We talked about the difference of being convinced and
converted and true conversion. Good stuff. Very enlightening.

We did a bunch of traveling this week. We had exchanges in Saskatoon,
the meeting in Saskatoon, and we went to church in the Melfort branch.
(We have an investigator in Melfort.) Haha, yeah church was funny. We
had to give talks, and the branch was so grateful to hear someone new
speak! I think they might have 10 people. It was crazy!

Well....I can't really remember anything else. I'm glad all is well,
and Natalie is married? Weird! our family is old. I hope little
Natters gets feeling better! Love you all!

Elder Christopher Lyons

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