Monday, April 23, 2012


Shicona Thomas and parents

Elder Zohner and Shicona

Me at an Elk Farm.  Going for the oriental tourist look!
So turns out setting up a baptism is a ton of work! I'm exhausted! But
seeing Shicona's smile as she came up out of the water made it all
worth it!

Just to remind y'all. The Thomas family lives just outside of PA.
Sister Thomas is a member, but Brother Thomas is not....yet. Yeah,
basically we hope he decides he wants to hear the discussions more
because he was very encouraging for Shicona, but he wasn't able to be
at most of the lessons cause he works 2 weeks on 1 week off. Wow! that
was a long sentence! Anyways, he's pretty much a champ! They have 2
kids: Tayven and Shicona. One day Sister Thomas called the church and
said that she wanted her kids to be baptized. Tayven is only 7, but
Shicona is 11. So we taught the lessons directed towards Shicona, but
it was really for the whole family!

We basically were just scrambling the entire week to make sure
interviews, talks, musical numbers, and all that stuff was set up. It
was wild! I was a nervous wreck. I just hoped that the family was
ready, and that it would be a good experience for them. Oh, man! It
was bad! And then, they asked me Sunday to be the one to confirm
Shicona. I was thankful for the opportunity, but I was just praying it
wouldn't be a train wreck! Hopefully, it went well.

Oh, we did go to President Fowler's to teach a ward member's friend.
Mary Ann is from the Philippines. She seems really interested. That
could turn out really well. We'll see if we can meet with her again
this week.

While we were there, we did get a tour of the elk farm. There's
another Canadian stereotype for ya. There's reindeer in people's
backyards! ha ha....anyways, that's what the pictures are from. It was
pretty interesting.

Well....I pretty much can't remember anything else that happened last
week. I sure love you all. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Christopher Lyons

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