Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Investigator! March 26th

So Dallin and Alex are both getting their mission calls. That's great!
I can't wait to hear about it. Of course the CWM is the best mission.
But I'm sure wherever they go will be blessed with their presence!

Oh, also, I think it was Ryan Castillo's birthday last week. Congrats!
The big 19!

Yes, we did actually have someone answer the door who actually
listened to what we said. We asked if there was a time we could come
and teach him more, and he just said, "Like today....I'm not doing
anything." So we came back later that afternoon and brought Robert
along with us. We set up a return appointment, but he had a job
interview. So we didn't get to meet with him. His name is Harlen, and
he wants to have a belief in God. But he just doesn't know how. We do!

Later, the same day, I think it was Saturday, we met a young guy named
Cole, and we set up an appointment with him. We've had door contacts
like that, but it's been a few weeks. So it was a great day!

Yes, we got transfer calls. I'll be staying in PA with Elder Zohner.
Actually, our district is the only district that didn't get changed at
all. We've still got more to learn I guess, ha ha.

Well, it's been a great week. I'm mostly excited about having new and
potential investigators! I can't really think of anything else to
write, so I hope that everything goes well at home. Love you lots!

Elder Christopher Lyons

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