Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wow! Time flies March 19th

Wow! time flies! It's already almost the end of the transfer. Crazy!
Don't worry. I'm staying in PA. (pretty sure I am, anyways). It takes
12 weeks to be trained, so I don't think there will be any changes.

Now for the food portion of the email. Sorry I gotta put in my bit.
Anyways, I was on transfers with Elder Leavitt in Saskatoon on
Tuesday. We were tracting the streets of Saskatoon, which was kinda
unfair cause we talked to more people in 30 minutes than we do in a
week in PA! Back to the story. We were walking and talking when Elder
Leavitt asks, "have you eaten perogies." Okay, my first thought was,
'that doesn't even sound edible!" But apparently they're like a
missionary staple cause they're cheap and filling and DELICIOUS. So
basically, to make a long story short they're like this ravioli thing
with potatoes and cheese inside. They make Canadian missionaries fat.
Which, turns out is the reason Elder Zohner hadn't introduced them to
me yet.

Believe it or not, we do work very hard! I just choose to talk about
food for some reason. Anyways, transfers were amazing. Saskatoon is
really nice! It was weird tracting in neighborhoods that like had lots
of people. I think the best way to describe the difference between PA
and Saskatoon is to go to hardcore downtown Pocatello and then go to
Satterfield. It's about like that contrast. Sort of. Minus the LDS
population of Idaho, though.

By far my favorite part of the week is the lessons we have with
Robert. He is a reactivating member who is just on fire! He is so
great! I have really seen him progress since I've been in PA. You can
tell by looking at him that he's a completely different person. He
missed church yesterday, and we were sorta upset. But turns out he was
babysitting a friend's kids because she had gone out on St. Patrick's
Day and partied until 6:00AM! He's just looking for people to help,
and he's even come to lessons with us!

Yes, Elder Zohner and I both wore green ties on Saturday. We got
complimented for them by some stranger. It was funny. After wards,
Elder Zohner was all, "Little does she know, she just made our entire

Finding continues to be a struggle, but we are working harder and
harder every week. Actually, when we were tracting on Saturday, we
found this guy who had an Iron Man Hawaii hat on. I had no problem
talking to that guy! After I told him the model of shoe he was
wearing, he asked me if I was a runner. I said, "for sure." And he
said, "you've got the lanky runner build." Woo I'm still skinny!
Anyways, unfortunately, the man, Perry, was his name ( I know,
'Where's Perry?') didn't' become a new investigator. :( But he did have
member friends who talked to him before, so we're ready when he's

This week's been pretty tough, and I have a few bruises from the
"Humility Stick". I just made that up. You can use it if you want to.
Anyways, I have been humbled. Which turns out is vital to missionary
work, so hopefully it will run much smoother now. I love you all! Have
a great week!

Elder Christopher Lyons

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