Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yea Easter!


Well about half of this week was walking. It was nice to see what other elders have to go through, but I am very thankful that I am in a mission where every companionship has a car! 

It's good to see that you guys had fun at Disneyland. The pictures were great! Easter dinner sounded delicious. So funny story, we actually did not have a dinner appointment when we went to church. Sister Camche asked us if we had an appointment. We sorta dodged it, but we said we didn't exactly have one. She basically told us that was unacceptable and to follow her home cause she was "throwing us a meal together." Yeah, we had ham and potatoes and all this delicious food! "Threw it together" And we got a bag of candy, of course! 

The Camche's live in Arizona in the winter, so I guess Bro Camche learned how to make didgerydoos, or however you spell it. We got to play them! It was so much fun! 

Oh, we went to Tisdale to teach someone out there. They got 9 inches of snow! It was crazy! There was so much snow! It was nice when we were walking, though. Actually, I got sunburned. Yeah, it was HOT. I don't know if it was just a comparative thing or what, but I was sweating.

Well...I'm getting a pretty bad writer's block. I think Dallin wanted to know about the transfer train. Yes, you do get transferred in pick up trucks. And Meagan, good luck at Highland Idol. Natalie, good luck in your play. Rachel, have fun at track and stuff.   

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