Thursday, October 11, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Wow, so yeah, yesterday or not even yesterday, Monday was Thanksgiving. We weren't sure last week what would be going on, so that's why I couldn't clue you in. But we did travel up to Regina on Sunday night. (I stayed in the Wascana apt. which is still weird to go back to). And then on Monday morning we drove up to Saskatoon. We had a zone wide p-day/ Thanksgiving celebration! We played dodge ball, Indian football, and of course ate a bunch of food. I was done for because we ate a ton at the Regnier's on Sunday. Ha ha, we even had a huge tie trade. I picked up some pretty decent ties. It was a lot of fun. I'll be sending pictures. We drove back to Regina on Monday, and left from Regina on Tuesday morning to go to district meeting in Moose Jaw. Yeah, I'm exhausted! And I've caught a cold, so the rest of the week should be interesting. By the way it's really weird to have Thanksgiving before Halloween. But it is much colder up here. We actually woke up to a little snow on Tuesday and today.
I did get the package last Tuesday. Thank you so much. It's so great!  The assistants and zone leaders came and picked us up and took us to district meeting. Then we came back to Weyburn to blitz the area. We found a really neat family that are friends with the Regnier's. Laura lee and  her son Cory. She really wanted to watch conference, but she was out of town for the weekend. We had a great lesson with them. Curtis Regnier was really great at sharing his testimony. He's invited Cory to several activities and is no doubt a huge part of the reason that they've begun investigating.
We also had an incredible lesson with James and Becky on Thursday. James is amazing! He's read everything from the Introduction to 1 Nephi 4. He and his family would have been at conference, but he got called into work and was basically there all weekend out of cell service. So he missed all of our reminder calls and didn't get our messages. Oh well. But anyways, that was an amazing lesson. I have never felt the spirit so strongly during a first vision recite than during that lesson! It was just incredible. We met with James last night, Becky was gone. He really likes the Book of Mormon and is now committed to pray about it. We helped him resolve his concerns, and he would be at church. But they are going to be in Saskatoon for a wedding. Curse being busy!
We also finally met with Hedly and his wife Brandy. They're both troopers. They've been through so much. For that reason, they have some doubts. It will most likely be a slow, steady effort with them. But they definitely trust us. They are actually worried that we are going to leave. Ha ha...I guess that's happened to them before. They really started to like some missionaries, then they got transferred and the new elders were not very nice. We told them to get baptized before we left, just to make sure it would work out. No..ha ha...we reassured them that we would make sure that whoever came to visit them would be kind and would have nothing but their best interest at heart. I really love their family, and can't wait to see them truly feel God's love.
The next big thing that happened was that Greg came to conference. He bought us pizza after the Saturday session. He's really great. He's a recent convert that went less active. He just randomly called us on Monday (last Monday). He's now meeting with us and wants to pass and bless the sacrament. He is huge! Just a big teddy bear, though. It's great to see how much happier he is. I saw him for about 30 seconds last transfer. He didn't want anything at all to do with us, and he just looked mean! But he's a happy guy now. He calls us every day.
Ha ha..we helped Bro Regnier tear down his deck. It was ridiculous. It was really rotted. It was vinyl on top of wood. At one point, we were taking all the screws out of the vinyl boards, so we could take them off. I missed one screw, so I went back to get it. It was one of the last 3 boards, and Elder French was standing on them about to take them off. I told him he wouldnt' be able to cause I forgot a screw. He just said, "what are you talking about?" All snotty like. Then, there was this cracking sound, all of a sudden the deck was collapsing. He had to abandon ship before she sank. It was so funny! Ha, that's what you get! Good times!
How about the missionary announcement?! I wish it was in effect before I came out. Then I wouldn't be coming back to BYU to face the terrible grades I left behind. Yikes! I think it's great for the sisters too. Just a little different. That's the age I came out at! I think there will be a big flood of sisters though. Which is definitely a good thing. Sisters are just good missionaries.
Well conference was great. I'm excited to get back to work. And hopefully the basement situation gets worked out. That's no fun. I love you all, and I hope you have a great week.
Elder C. Lyons

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