Monday, October 1, 2012

What the?

So first off it feels like I just barely emailed, but at the same time a ton has happened. So don't worry I won't be sending a one liner.
Well, the last few days have been eventful. Like I emailed last week, we've been doing a bunch of traveling. My eyes have really been opened to how much the branch is actually spread out! Some members have to drive over an hour just to get to church. It's crazy! That has really been the major challenge in coordinating not only missionary work but just about anything really. However, we have discussed some great ideas for how we can unite the branch. I'm excited! It's going to be great. So on the topic of visiting members, we were able to visit a few families this week. One that was fun to get to know was the Lim's and the Kim's. They are from Korea. Sister Kim is staying with the Lim's, and I believe she is waiting for her husband to come. (Not really sure on that one. Communication is a bit spotty at times.) Anyways, we had authentic Korean food! It is fantastic! I tried eating with chopsticks, but I got embarrassed. Plus it couldn't get the job done quick enough. They are just a great family. They all came out to see us off when we left. It was hilarious, I waved and said, "bye!" They were all in a perfect line, and they all waved and said, "bye!" at the same time. It was priceless. I wish I could have taken a picture. Let's see, we also visited the Brown's this week. They are a young family that live in Kisbey (about an hour from Weyburn). Their kids are great. Their oldest is in kindergarten. Her name is Sarah, and she told us a story at dinner about a time she ate a WHOLE box of oreos even though they had just bought them. She told us that when she had to go to the bathroom, she barfed all over herself! It was not possible for me to hold back a laugh on that one. I think it was mostly the presentation that made that one. Good times.
That paragraph is huge, so I will start a new one. I've really been able to realize how great this branch is this week. There are just some stellar families here. I've loved being able to get to know them all a little bit better. We also were able to do some service when we visited the Tiefenbach's. We helped them build and put up some walls for their shed. I really couldn't have realized how much I would learn about manual labor on my mission. I'm pretty sure the branch has conspired to learn me a little from the time they found out I was a city boy. At least it feels that way. Just because I had no idea what on earth a sump pump was. I'm pretty sure that Brother Regnier has some more projects for us, too. We'll see what I learn this time.
Well, now that I've taken you down that side road, let's talk about investigators. Okay, we did have some more lessons fall through. But we did reschedule with many of them. So it will work out. I think I wrote about how we were able to finally have a meeting with Laurie and Shane. They're still a little hard to get a hold of, but at least we've started meeting with them again. And we did see their daughter at the salvation army food drive on Saturday. That was fun by the way. A lot like the one in Pocatello, but on a much smaller scale of course. Let's see...other than that we will be making some phone calls to set up lessons.
So, ha, we actually had to move trailers this weekend. We actually had a scare there for 2 weeks that we weren't going to be able to stay in Weyburn. But we got the trailer that were in now, which is still sort of a temporary thing. I don't really know what exactly is going to happen. That's why I haven't written about housing. But maybe that explains why I have sounded a little stressed lately! But, all is well.
Sunday we taught the joint relief society, priesthood meeting. We taught about missionary work. It was really good. We're trying to help the members broaden their horizons a little and increase their vision of missionary work in Weyburn. We spent a substantial amount of time preparing the lesson, and I think that it payed off. Hopefully, anyways.
Let's see, last but not least, we saw the northern lights yesterday! We were traveling back from Kisbey, and I spotted them! It was actually Elder French's first time seeing them. It's weird, they sorta start out looking like a cloud or something. Then they get more and more defined until they're spread all the way across the sky. It's amazing!
Well, that's all I got. I sure love you all! Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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