Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Insane Miracles

Well, this week is just one of those weeks that makes me wonder how in the world I am still sane! So much has happened. As I mentioned last email, I was a little sick. Well, that little turned to a lot more, until I just couldn't go anymore! On Thursday, we were working, and I just couldn't focus for the life of me. So at lunch I took a nap. I then decided it would be beneficial if I took an extra 30 minutes or so to rest. Four hours later, I woke up. Yeah...It was terrible. I really couldn't function, but after the nap, I started feeling better. So needless to say, there were a few curve balls this week!
We did so much this week! We met with Hedley and Brandy on Wednesday night. They said they weren't sure if they wanted to come to church. So we set up a church tour on Saturday, so that they could feel like not everything was new and strange. It went well. We even had some of the Regnier's there to help us teach about some of the aspects of church. We met later that night because they informed us that they wanted to ask us some questions. Basically, Brandy was terribly worried about her daughter Sam. Rightly so because I had never seen the girl sit still! She is just full of energy! We assured her that it would be fine.
Sunday morning, Elder French and I were waiting by the door for Hedley and Brandy and their 2 daughters, Kia and Sam. We had been praying that all would go well, and that Sam would be able to be reverent. As we were waiting, Bro Brown walks in and says, "I think you have some friends outside." We walked out, and I see Sam holding hands and skipping with little Sarah Brown! Sarah arrived at the same time as Hedley and company, she saw Kia and Sam, and she just walked up and said, "Hi! My name is Sarah! wanna be friends!" Sarah and Sam sat together and I have never seen the 2 of them more still in reverent! It was a miracle! It really softened up Hedley and Brandy. They had a great experience. When they got home Kia asked, "Can we go to church?" Brandy told her, "yeah, next Sunday." It is just exciting to see how they are progressing despite all opposition.
Yes, opposition. So we also had an investigator at church who behaved himself a little unruly. OK, a lot unruly. It was ridiculous. Our gospel principles class was pretty interesting! We had to meet with Hedley and Brandy last evening to do some damage control. But it is no small miracle that all is well! It was just frustrating that it had to happen on their first Sunday when all was just falling into place.
Elder French also had a bit of an interesting week. I was sick, he was just in a bad stretch of luck. He has been studying humility. Ha ha...just yesterday, as we were leaving the Regnier's after supper, he kicked a can of paint down the stairs. Hahaha..I'm a terrible companion. Anyways, green paint was everywhere, no one knows why the paint was there, and it's alright cause they're planning on replacing the carpet. Then, we finally get back to our trailer. We finish planning and all we had to do. He sits in his chair, leans back, and takes a deep breath...Crash! His chair breaks through an air vent, and he tumbles backward! Humility has a funny way of sneaking up on you, eh?
Well, I think I've done enough damage for one day. I love you all. Good luck at districts! Tear it up! I love you all, my prayers are with you. Have a great week!
Elder C. Lyons

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