Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Conference Again?

This week was really good. We got to know the ward much better this week. We had a supper appointment every day this week except for Saturday! It was great to be in the members' homes and feel of the Spirit there. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know everyone better. Getting fed this much almost makes me feel like I'm back in Regina, so I'm probably going to get obese again, ha ha. We don't have a scale, so I'm not going to worry too much about it :) We actually had lunch and supper with members on Friday. I ate way too much. I felt like I was going to explode pretty much the entire day long! But it was really good because we got to eat supper with the bishop. I feel that we are really strengthening our relationship with him. We have been trying to do all that he asks us to do very, very promptly, so that he will have trust in us. So far so good.
Another meal that was really good was with the Aquino's. They are Filipino, and basically, they cook the most amazing food on the planet. We had sweet and sour fish (pickerel to be exact) and some sort of pork. It was so good! It's been a really fun experience to get to know all the members.
This week was a little bit slower as far as lessons go because people were sick, and of course it was the week of Easter. We did manage to have a lesson set up with an investigator named Jeremiah. We meet at the library cause he's not sure if his roommates will like us. We went to the library, but he wasn't there. So we started to look for him, but we never found him. So as we were walking down the stairs, the fire alarm went off. Everyone starts to look at the 2 guys walking down the stairs wearing dark, conservative clothing. Yeah, we didn't look suspicious at all! Long story short someone pulled the fire alarm or something, so our lesson wouldn't have worked out anyways.
We had a great lesson with our Chinese investigators, Shengtou and Amy. They are so excited to learn. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they are now really curious about how the Book of Mormon and the church came to be. Now that they've learned more about Christ and why we need him, I feel they will really understand the importance of the Restoration. I'm excited to continue meeting with them.
Our English class was really fun. We had five new students! Wei was from China, Ken was from Africa somewhere ( I think), and there were 3 girls that I believe were from Korea. Their names are hard :(
On Easter, we went to the Widtfeldt's for supper. It was really good. We had ham and potatoes. Kinda like at home, but not quite. It was really fun. They have some adorable little kids, so they're fun to be around. Other than that, Easter wasn't really that far out of the ordinary. I did get the package. Thanks so much! I love those mini Cadbury eggs. They are my weakness for sure! Thanks for the clothes. I guess now that I've compared the new with the old, my stuff has gotten a little worn out. But nothing major. It will be nice to have a nice bright white shirt, though! I love you all! Enjoy conference ( can't believe it's already here) !!
Elder C. Lyons

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