Monday, April 8, 2013

Rotten Eggs??

This week was actually a really busy week for us. We had transfers this week, so that means that 15 new missionaries came into the mission. One of them is Miss Idaho. I didn't meet her, but apparently she's from Ammon. Another is 18 years old, but he is 6' 9"! I barely make it to his chest! But the most exciting thing is that I met the other Elder Lyons for the first time! He looks absolutely nothing like me. I'm actually referred to as the Blondie Elder Lyons....anyways, he's a great guy. He served in Weyburn, so we had a good chat.
We also met with a part member family this week. Amanda is a member, but her husband is not. Currently, he is not very interested. But they have a 9 year old son who is a champ! He has a strong testimony, and he is asking his mom a lot of questions. Which is why she's decided she wants to have us over. We had a great lesson about prayer and our Heavenly Father. I'm really looking forward to working with them. They are a great family.
We've also been contacting and hunting down a ton of less-active members! We have been able to contact quite a few of them, but many of them have moved. We met with a member who hasn't been active for quite a while. He's expressed a sincere desire to make changes in his life. I'm excited to keep working with Robert. It's been exciting to contact and work with less-active members. Many of these members have friends and relatives who are not members, so it's clearly where we need to be spending our efforts.
Conference was really great! I love the counsel I receive every time without fail. So in between the Saturday morning and afternoon session, we ate lunch with our Chinese investigators, Shengtuo and Amy. They made very, very authentic Chinese food. They're Chinese and they made food. It was really good! But there was this ominous looking dish that looked like a pile of white cubes with black chunks and green spots. They told us it was tofu with eggs. Sounds pretty normal... wrong. The eggs had been buried in the ground. Then, after they take a nice dirt nap, they go digging for them and cook them! And I ate it! Let me but all myths to rest, it was disgusting! I don't want to be rude, but it's the truth. The funny think is that it wasn't the flavor. The texture was just off. It's solid in your mouth for all of a second, then it's instantly peanut butter! So I'm eating this tofu (if you want a good picture of what happened think of Robert eating the tofu turkey in Everybody loves Raymond), and I played it off like it was no big deal :) But other than that, the day was not that out of the ordinary. 
That's all I've got for today. I hope all of you enjoy the nice weather down there. I love looking at the shots of the conference center. It always surprises me, "wait it's spring?....Oh yeah, I'm in Canada. That's why it looks nice down there." Have a great week, and I love you!!
Elder C. Lyons 

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