Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's good to hear that everyone had a great time this weekend. I'm
glad the performance went well. The decorations looked pretty fancy.

It's weird to think that outdoor track will be starting soon in Idaho
cause it's still pretty cold and snowy here. It's -12 C today. I was
pretty cold on Saturday when it was -15 C (which I guess is 5 F). But
I might have adjusted or something cause -12 feels great!

Yeah...Saturday was pretty rough. It was really cold and windy. I
think we talked to 4 people...total. And we tracted for a pretty long
time. I guess the whole district has been disappointed because no one
has found any new investigators. Elder Zohner said that PA averages
about 15 lessons a week, and we had 8. So it's been a tough week. But
it's weird cause I'm still happy. Like really happy. I feel like it's
gonna work out, and we're going to find people.

We had an incredible dinner appointment at the Halcro's yesterday.
Except we got lost on the way there. PA is kinda funny. There's the
actual city, and then there's like this wilderness/empty field with
houses every 2 or 3 miles. Yeah...it's the boonies. And a lot of
members live out there. It's like over the river and through the
woods. ha ha I bet there's a bunch of old people, too. Anyways...We
got there 30 minutes late, but they were okay with it. Sister Halcro
brought out potatoes and was like, "yay, Idaho!" I was pretty happy. I
guess she has relatives in Idaho. We talked about mountains for a
while. It's really weird to get used to. Saskatchewan is REALLY flat!
I was pumped when I saw PA had a hill! Flat is boring!

Alright, to answer some questions: yes there are tons of natives in
PA. Actually, about the second day I was here, I even wondered if
white people existed up here. Then we drove by a Taco Time. Ha ha,
found em! And just to let you know, it's impossible to take pictures
of the northern lights. I tried. No I am not cold. Grandma, I have
winter gear that the mission office gave me. However, I might get
better gear soon. LeAnn, what in the world is a violet crumbly? And,
yes Mom I got the greenie package. Thanks so much! It was great! We
made the Lego today!

Well, lately I've been really grateful for the Atonement. Turns out
that's the reason Mormons are happy. We're the only ones with the
priesthood authority, so we're the only ones that can access the
Atonement through baptism and repentance and more covenants. Every one
else just doesn't know that there's more. We can be happy people and
have happy families because of what Christ did for us. Every thing the
church does and the prophet counsels us to do leads us to repent and
use the Atonement. Literally every blessing we have comes from the
Atonement. Just think about it. I guarantee you'll tear up. That
knowledge is what keeps me chugging along. I know Christ has blessed me
and our family, so I know He will bless everyone. And I can help by
telling people the message of His gospel!

Alright, I think that's about all I can remember from the last week.
I'm gonna try and send some pictures. Most are from the MTC. The rest
will be in PA.

 Elder Christopher Lyons

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