Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prince Albert

Alright, so I wrote a nice long email and accidently deleted it. Don't
worry. I remember what I wrote.

So, it sounds like Jason's doing well. I don't know if I met his
companion, but I might recognize him if I saw him. (Which is not
really plausible).

These first few days have been crazy. The first day in PA, we ate at a
member's home. Brother McCallum was relentless. He teased me so much!
Mostly for being blonde. Then, we started giving a lesson, and he was
like, "You talk like an American. You sing when you talk." I just
kinda laughed while he said something to his wife in cree. Then, I
shared something else and he said, " you know you're a great guy, but
I don't know if I can trust a blonde." It was pretty funny.

We've actually been fed multiple times. Elder Zohner said  the members
aren't usually like this, so it must be me, haha. The members are
really great, but it's just a tiny ward. But we'll help with that!

I don't know, I have to be honest. Somedays, I don't always feel like
doing missionary work cause it's SO hard! But then I think about all
the blessings I've been given because of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
and those feelings are instantly gone. I want everyone to have the
blessings I have.

One thing I've really noticed this week is the difference you can feel
when you walk into a member's home. It's just that. It feels like
home. I know that is because they have centered their lives on Christ.
Other people don't have that feeling. And I'm so grateful that I've
grown up in a home that ALWAYS felt that way. Christ really can bless
every aspect of our lives if we let him.

We've had some great experiences tracting. All of our appointments
fell through yesterday. All of them. So, Elder Zohner was like, "I
kinda want to tract 4th." So I was like OK. It wasn't our back up
plan, but he knows what he's doing. We tracted through the cold and
snow and were lead to 2 or 3 potential investigators. Yay inspiration!
This is completely the Lord's work!

Oh, so I guess Elder Zohner ran XC at Hillcrest. He's good friends
with the Crofts, as in Tyler Crofts the crazy fast one. I thought that
was pretty interesting. He was stoked that we knew some of the same

Alright, sorry if I didn't answer questions. I pretty much got
bombarded. I literally cannot remember all of the questions. I can
share some interesting things about Canada that I've learned. I've
seen lots of good looking candy at stores. I guess that they sell
cadbury eggs all year round. The ones I always got mixed up with robin
eggs. I love those. A member gave "us" some at church. She said "you
guys" can have them. I ate I might get fluffy. Oh, and I
guess it's a Reese and not a Reese's. And it's a washroom not a
restroom or a bathroom. One of the assistants at the mission office
asked if I needed to use the washroom. My initial response was, "no!
what good will that do? I don't wanna wash anything! I just gotta
pee!" And then I underment what he stood.

Well, I told you how incredible the northern lights are, so I think
that's about it. Meagan, good luck on your solo. I'm sure you'll rock
it. Dad, I'm glad you're not bored any more. And it's good you feel
blessed cause you really are blessed. It's taken some mission
experiences for me to realize how much we've really been blessed. Tell
all those crazy runners good job. I can't believe how crazy fast they
all are. I love you guys. I think I'll actually send this email and
not screw up. It's completely different than the other one, but, hey,
maybe it's better. You'll never know cause you didn't see the other
one. Haha. I love you!

                         Elder Christopher Lyons

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