Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week Two in the MTC

It's sorta crazy that I've been in the MTC for 2 weeks already. I've gotten used to the food. I don't know what people's problems are with it. Like I said last week, I've had to drink Metamucil. Man, I love that stuff. It saved my life. :)
Anyways, we've grown really close as a district. We have a great time goofing off and being dumb, yelling at each other when we're playing volleyball, and all that good stuff. Sister Kunzler gets all sorts of goodies sent to her all the time, but surprisingly I haven't gained any weight. She's very generous by the way.
The district that moved in from last week is basically all from Canada. They're awesome. Elder Fox has met Cleighton. I thought that was pretty funny. Oh, Cleighton got his mission call. He's going to Montreal. It's pretty awesome!
I can't really remember what was said at the 50th anniversary devotional. I was really tired. It was exciting though. They pretty much talked about early missionaries and stuff. To be honest, everything I learn just kinda runs together. I can't differentiate the sources anymore.
Well...I've learned much and had a great time doing it. Thanks family. Keep pressing on, happy anniversary mom and dad, and congrats on the mission call Michael! (BTW sorry if that's not how you spell Michael. Oh and I got my district to say "I like tractors purdy good" ha ha). Have a good one!
                                                       Elder Lyons

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