Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Alright, first of all happy birthday Natalie! I hope you have an awesome day. I hope your party is fun. Yes Rachel I have seen Elder Parry. Pretty much made my whole day! The Polar bear was awesome Rach. And, OK, every one's full of it. I drank SO much OJ and all the stuff I was not even supposed to look at and I was CONSTIPATED. Yeah! I had to drink Metamucil like I was 80 years old or something.
Anyways, turns out a mission's really, really hard! Not for the reasons I thought it would be though. It's just hard to teach. I mean we have to teach complete strangers in a way that addresses their concerns and helps them know the gospel will help them. And most the time we're teaching complete strangers. SO hard. It's not enough to just love the people you teach. You have to  feel the the same way for them as Heavenly Father does. Not exactly easy.
However, a mission is awesome! When we teach correctly we know it's because we have been blessed with the Spirit. It's so awesome! It's beyond words incredible! Also, hanging with my district is awesome. My companion, Elder Weeks is from Ogden. We basically get along perfectly. We have a lot of fun! Lots of laughing so we don't cry. ha ha...but seriously. The other guys: Elder Wilson, Elder Rader, Elder Smout, and Elder Harpole. Elder Harpole reminds me of Lance Croft, not quite as awesome of course. And Elder Smout reminds of Ryan Castillo. He even kinda looks like him. Elder Wilson is hilarious. Him and Elder Weeks and I are all going to Canada. Elder Smout and Harpole are going to Provo. I've actually ran with Elder Wilson a little. There's one sister in our district going to Canada, Sister Kunzler, and the other's going to San Jose California, Sister Johnson. Don't worry I'll send some pictures if I can. You should be excited cause I took a picture of the biggest banana ever! It was literally like 2 lbs. It was as wide as the DVD remote in our classroom!
Oh and Lili if you want to send cookies it's OK, but you don't have to worry about it. Just surprise me. Love you. I'll write you a letter cause I'm about out of time.
I think I answered all the questions. Love all of you. Family, XC peoples, friends....whatever. I hope you guys have a great week.
   Elder Christopher Lyons

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